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Saved by the Bell

I was having a really rough week.  As a criminal defense attorney, you deal with all sorts of cases:  sex crimes, juvenile cases, DUI, domestic violence, drug possession, etc, etc.   And on top of that you often have to be in 2 places at the same time (if you’re lucky enough to be that busy, which thankfully, I am).  Because of the hurdles and hoops I must sometimes jump through, along with the constant demand for my time and attention, it can be easy to lose sight of why I am a criminal defense lawyer.  And today on the way back from criminal court, I was starting to feel that way – distracted with daily procedure and protocol.  Frustrated and stressed out.

Then the phone rang, but I was unable to pick it up in time.  They left a voicemail.   It was the mother of a juvenile client I had represented in a potentially life changing case. She was calling to thank me and left a heart felt message that almost brought tears to my eyes.  Cheesy I know.  But it snapped me right back onto the right path and reminded me of why I love being a criminal defense attorney – even through all the procedure, the stress, the frustration, the anxiety – I am able to make a difference, and that feels good.


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Domestic Violence Charge (and crisis) Averted!

Successfully represented a client in LA county who was arrested for the domestic violence charge of criminal threats.  After advising the client, speaking with the investigating agency (running interference as I like to call it), the district attorney rejected the case for filing.  My client was able to reunite with this family and spend the holidays with him.

Aside from jury trials – this is my favorite part of criminal defense private practice .  Advising the clients before the situation gets worse.  As a criminal defense attorney, it is so frustrating to read police reports where clients have cooperated with police and have unknowingly made the criminal case against themselves.

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